Frequently Asked Questions


Why did my siding turn green?

When your house is wet from rain or morning dew, dust and pollen collect on the damp surface. This dust & pollen becomes a food source for mildew & mold to grow. We don't "blast" your siding clean with high pressure water as this is likely to damage your house! Instead we use a "soft wash" method using professional grade equipment to apply the highest quality surfactants and mildewcides to safely remove dirt and kill organic organisms such as mold & mildew. 

Why is the North side of my house the worst?

Mildew likes moist shaded environments. Since the North facing sides of you home gets more shade and holds morning dew the longest,  that is where most of the mildew will be. The West facing sides of  your home are the second most shaded areas so they will often have mildew as well. Even the shaded bottom lip of the siding on the East & South facing areas can have mildew. We almost always find that if your home has never been properly washed or if its been awhile since it was washed, then the entire home is likely in need of cleaning. Take a walk around your home & look closely at all the surfaces including gutters, window frames, siding on all sides, eaves, sofitts & fascia, and around your front porch. You will probably see that most areas have surface dirt, mold, mildew, & cobwebs. A thorough washing of your entire home will make it look like new! 

My gutters are dirty too. Can they be cleaned?

If your siding has built up dirt, mold, & mildew, then your gutters probably do as well. When we wash your house, we hit every surface from the dirt line to the top of the gutters. So, during the house washing process, the outside of your gutters will get a cleaning as well. Since your gutters are likely painted metal, there may be some oxidation of the paint. This causes black "tiger" striping. In many cases this striping can be removed as well as part of separate cleaning process.

Will the wash solution harm my plants?

Our wash solution is mainly water, with just enough surfactants (soaps) and mildewcides to clean your house. These mild chemicals are specifically designed for this purpose. They are environmentally safe, non toxic, and they biodegrade very quickly.  Even so, we take the necessary precautions to protect your lawn and landscaping including pre-wetting and post rinsing the vegetation around your home.  Any sensitive plants get covered with plastic, just in case.  

I have black specs on my vinyl siding. What causes them?

Artillery or "shotgun" fungus grows in mulch beds and shoots spores up to 20 feet. When these spores land on you siding, they leave small black specs. They are a real nuisance as about the only way to get rid of them is to replace the mulch with something else like rock. Here is a good article that explains more.

What causes the black streaks on my shingled roof?

Brown or black staining on your asphalt shingles is caused by an algae growth called  Gloeocaspa Magma. This algae feeds on the limestone dust embedded in your shingles. It is much more common in areas such as Florida where it's warm all year round, but it is also prevalent in Indiana. It can removed and if your shingles are still in good condition then there is no need to replace them. For a consultation and a free quote to clean your roof, just give us a call!